Promotion conditions

This promotion is only open to Lenovo Business Partners and Distribution Partners and their sales people who are resident in the UK&I, are aged 18 or over and who are registered as full-time employees of Lenovo Business Partners who sell Lenovo devices during the period of the promotion and who have valid email addresses. Partners involvement is based on the Partners selling Lenovo products, their employees registering on the LoveThink portal and opting in for the Incentive. Points allocation is based on the monthly sales reports received from Partner management and verified by Lenovo.

How to claim?


  • Your company must be opted into the portal via registering on lovethink.co.uk and the employee must opt in to the incentive.
  • Lenovo Channel Partner employees residing in the UK must register accurately and honestly predict their rate of tax (20%/40%/45%) for the tax year ending April 5th 2020.
  • Lenovo Channel Partner employees then have to sell the listed products featured each month on the portal to earn points. Those points can then be redeemed, 'free of tax'* for the Channel Partner and the employee, for rewards featured on the portal.
  • The incentive will run indefinitely and points can be accumulated and redeemed throughout the promotional period. Points must be redeemed whilst in the employment of a Lenovo Business Partner.
  • Lenovo reserve the right to enforce, by notification, a deadline date for redemptions.

Incentive – Tax

  • As part of the LoveThink Channel Partner incentive, Lenovo have taken the benefit in kind tax and NIC's burden away from individuals residing in the UK for any rewards claimed. On behalf of our Channel Partners and their employees residing in the UK Lenovo have agreed, with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), a Taxed Award Scheme to cover the individual tax liability for any rewards claimed via the LoveThink Channel Partner incentive:*
    - Taxed Award Scheme reference number - 924/IAU/JB5018
    - Accounts Office reference number - 924PN4649
  • A Taxed Award Scheme is a voluntary arrangement to pay tax when providing non-cash incentive awards to third party employees. It enables Lenovo to pay the Channel Partners employees' tax bills on incentive rewards, so that they can receive these rewards 'free of tax'. Lenovo will pay all the tax due directly to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).
  • All Lenovo ask is that Channel Partner employees, who sell Lenovo products, register on the Love Think portal, opt in for the incentive scheme and in doing so tell us their country of residence and anticipated tax bracket for the year. If this changes they just need to let us know, by the end of the tax year (April 5th 2020), via the My Account–Profile on the portal, so Lenovo can pay the right amount of tax on their behalf.
  • By agreeing to these T&C's, you consent to us sharing your details with HMRC for tax purposes only.

Points allocation

  • Points will be allocated for sales of the listed product part numbers on the Incentive Products page, and sometimes as part of SPIF day activities.
  • There will be no retrospective points allocation – sales will be verified and points calculated and allocated at the end of each calendar month, based on reports generated by Business Partners and verified by Lenovo.
  • Lenovo reserves the right to change Product point allocations and the list of qualifying products and part numbers at any time and without notice.

Reward - claims

  • Reward claims can be made at any time, whilst employed by a Lenovo Business Partner, during the promotional period.
  • There will be no cash alternatives. Rewards can only be claimed using current points (not based on future sales).
  • We reserve the right to offer a substitute instead of the desired reward depending on availability.
  • Group rewards may be claimed by an individual should they have enough points to claim the reward themselves.
  • Group rewards may be claimed by combining multiple individual's points. For this, one of the individuals must email info@lovethink.co.uk to confirm the process.
  • Lenovo reserves the right to change rewards at any time and without notice.

Reward - delivery

  • Rewards will be delivered via email or postage depending on the nature of the reward.
  • Delivery will be made at the first available date if agreed to by the individual claiming the reward.
  • By agreeing to these T&C's, you consent to us sharing delivery details (email and postal address) with third parties for delivery purposes only.

Management of the programme

By participating in this programme, Business and Distribution Partners and registered employees agree to receive email and phone communication from Lenovo, or its management agency appointed to manage this programme; WorksMC. Lenovo is the owner of the database where your details will be registered for this programme. Only Lenovo and its management agency will contact the Lenovo Business Partners and individuals concerned. Lenovo shall have no liability to any participant, and participating Business Partners shall indemnify Lenovo against any action, claim, expense or damage brought by a Sales Rep against Lenovo or any third party arising from, or in connection with this promotion. Unless there is a reasonable and valid reason, the reward should be taken by the individual who submits their choice. Lenovo accepts full liability for any tax or NIC's liability of either the individual or the Business/Distribution Partner on rewards claimed as a result of this promotion in the UK. Any Republic of Ireland (ROI) residents will be responsible and liable for any associated benefit in kind tax payable.

Additional information

You accept the terms and conditions of this promotion. The promotion is subject to English law and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes in relation to it. The promoter is Lenovo. Lenovo reserves the right to modify or withdraw this promotion at any time. This promotion and/or the terms and conditions herein are void where prohibited or restricted. To participate in the promotion no purchase is necessary, however to claim, winners must be full time employees of a recognised Lenovo Business/Distribution Partner who sells Lenovo devices. The decision of Lenovo in relation to any aspect of this programme is final and binding. Questions relating to this programme should be directed to info@lovethink.co.uk.

* Excludes residents of the Republic of Ireland (ROI) who are responsible for the payment of any associated benefit in kind taxes.

Latest update: 14th May 2019